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No one is better able than artists to reflect the current situation and imagine alternatives to the status quo. Arts are a means to engage communities in public dialogue, contribute to the development of a community’s creative learning, provide a powerful tool for community mobilization, and help build community capacity and leadership







The HOMEbody Symposium is a public engagement initiative of Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada


Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada


Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada is a successful New Brunswick start-up, working locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. Since its inception in 2001, Atlantic Ballet Theatre has generated significant revenues, created jobs and immigration opportunities in New Brunswick. The Ballet is active in community development work and spearheaded an award winning national public engagement initiative Celebrate Courage, using the arts to promote cross sectorial discussion.







Shannon Litzenberger Contemporary Dance


Shannon Litzenberger-The HOMEbody Symposium is inspired by the multi-media performance HOMEbody created by acclaimed dancer, choreographer, writer, arts advocate and policy buff, Shannon Litzenberger. Through the creative umbrella of her company Shannon Litzenberger Contemporary Dance, she creates innovative multi-disciplinary productions that explore timely social issues using contemporary dance in concert with other mediums like storytelling, film, visual art and poetry.






ArtsLink NB (NB Partner)


ArtsLink NB is a provincial umbrella organization for artists and arts organizations focused on creating better incomes and outcomes for our artists. Artslink promotes the role of arts and creativity in innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as in New Brunswick society as a whole.


HOMEbody Advisory Committee


 Marilyn Luscombe, CEO New Brunswick Community College (NBCC), Mary Butler NBCC, Adrienne O’Pray, 3+ Corporation,  Nadine Duguay 21Inc.



Design and Facilitation Team









Amanda Doreen Hachey

Process Artist, Sustainability Strategist, Social Enterprise Consultant/Cheerleader

Amanda has Bachelor of Business Administration from UNB Saint John and a Master’s in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability from Sweden.   She gained a global perspective during community economic development projects in the US, France, Panama, Vietnam, and Sweden. Amanda works as an Associate with the Conscious Brands, Common Good Solutions, and Co-operative Enterprise Council of NB as a consultant in strategic planning, sustainability, social enterprise and facilitation. She is a founding member of La Bikery Co-operative and a board member of OMISTA Credit Union. Amanda works passionately to help communities, and organizations leave this beautiful world even better than we found it!








Jason Doiron

Communication Advisor


Jason has a Bachelor of Arts from the Université de Moncton and specializes in communication and language studies. For over a decade, Jason has worked in the radio broadcasting, community development and arts advocacy sectors. Communication advisor at Forté Communication, a small firm in Dieppe specializing in social communication, his practice is about capacity development, sound project management and design within the non-profit sector. His approach as a facilitator brings in experience, curiosity and openness.










Nathalie Landry

Founder/Communications Consultant, Echo Actions Communications 


Nathalie Landry was born and raised in Dieppe, New Brunswick. Her passion for community development as well as her background and training in journalism and public relations inspired her to create Echo Actions Communications in 2012 - a Communications for Social Change consulting practice dedicated to helping businesses, community leaders and organizations create effective communication strategies and tools to shape a more just, sustainable and healthy world.  Prior to launching her consulting practice, Nathalie worked in various public relations and marketing roles and also fine-tuned her communications skills overseas as a volunteer Communications Consultant in Tanzania with Youth Challenge International – a leading global youth development organization.  On top of her BA from the Université de Moncton (communications) Nathalie has pursued training in graphic design, film, teaching English as a second language (TESL), public speaking and group facilitation. In 2013, she was chosen as one of Atlantic Canada's Top 50 Emerging Leaders by 21inc.











Corrie Melanson

Facilitation. Graphic Recording. Strategic Projects, See Meaning


Janet Rhymes and Corrie Melanson of See Meaning Graphic Facilitation are experienced facilitators, trainers and
graphic recorders based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. As graphic recorders, we listen intently to capture key messages and outcomes, propelling group work to a new level of understanding and action. We believe that graphic recording is a skill not a role, so we specialize in training people to use visuals as thinking and learning tools.




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