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The Lineup


Nancy Mathis


Nancy is the founding Executive Director of the G. Wallace F. McCain Institute for Business Leadership. Her appointment began in August 2007. This role combines her experiences as the co-founder and innovative force behind Mathis Instruments with her teaching background at the University of New Brunswick.

Nancy has been recognized on a national scale with awards in innovation, entrepreneurship and engineering - as well as for supporting others in those fields. She has been an active member of the New Brunswick Business Council as well as a leading advocate for advancing pharmaceutical manufacturing practices.



Gene Fowler, Vice-President.

I am a serial entrepreneur. I can't stop myself.

Usually my endeavors involve fun stuff like silly animation. But not always. In the last 10 years my teams and I have brought over twenty million dollars worth of animation production to our studios, employing hundreds of artists in Atlantic Canada.

In 1999 I founded Fatkat Animation Studios in Halifax which was quickly taken over by our biggest client and re-named Trainingscape Studios Canada. As pioneers in the flash animation industry, we produced animated interactive training films for clients such as Hasbro, Boeing and Nike. Trainingscape went out of business in the winter of 2003.

That spring I left Halifax to once again raise the Fatkat flag, this time in my hometown of Miramichi New Brunswick. In the second life of Fatkat, I decided to focus on entertainment rather than education and within 4 years grew Fatkat to over 120 in-house, full-time artists.

This animation army rose to popularity in the production of television series. Fatkat worked on television shows such as Odd Job Jack, Carl Squared, Caillou, SuperNormal. They co-produced and financed shows like And Yet I Blame Hollywood, the cult hit Happy Tree Friends and also Three Delivery for networks such CBC, SRC, YTV, Teletoon, Nickelodeon, G4, Canal + and BBC.

Early in 2009, the world changed, many broadcasters slowed or stopped buying and our studio's girth got too hard to carry. We were too fat to hold on. So we let go, don't cry. I didn't, it happens.  

Now we're back, with Loogaroo. A riveting new studio, with a smokin' new model. Not only do we still create cartoons on a grand scale for television, but our commercial division is hopping. We're also full speed into mobile development, especially for that blasted iPad!

Not since the golden age of Hollywood has it been this exciting to be in show business!  Hold on to yer nickers!


Levi Lawrence

President & Co-Owner Real Food Connections Ltd. Fredericton

Levi Lawrence, founder of Real Food Connections, is a cook at heart, a passionate entrepreneur with and a total self confessed food geek.

With 8 years in the food and beverage industry as well as an undergraduate business degree from the University of New Brunswick he has been working to transform our local food industry in NB since 2010.

Real Food Connections is currently a local food grocery business representing over 130 small and medium scale food producers in Southern NB. They have a grocery store, a web store and offer wholesale distribution to other retailers, restaurants and institutions. Their main priorities are Traceability, Accountability and improving the food culture and agriculture in NB.

While Levi is the lead entrepreneur for Real Food Connections, his wife Kim and parents Catherine and Bev are full partners and lend structure and practicality to his big ideas.


Jeff Schnurr

Executive Director, Community Forests International


Jeff Schnurr traveled in over 35 countries before landing in Tanzania, where he began the tree planting initiative that grew into Community Forests International. With the dream of making conservation a rural livelihood.

Jeff has spread the techniques of forest restoration around the globe and has planted over half a million trees in the process. In 2010, Jeff Schnurr was named one of Canada's Top 10 volunteers by the CBC and Manulife.

Greg Hemmings

 Greg Hemmings is an entrepreneur, filmmaker, content marketer and storyteller.  Greg’s passion for documentary filmmaking has taken him to all corners of the globe.  He has told compelling stories in the arctic, the Americas, Europe and Asia.

He owns a media Production Company called Hemmings House, which has produced and sold Television shows to more than 65 countries around the globe.  Greg is also a dad, a husband, a musician, a snowboarder and surfs the big waves of the Bay of Fundy.


Moncef Lakouas

Moncef Lakouas came to Canada as an international student. He earned a bachelor's degree in business administration, majoring in finance, and is currently working towards a second bachelor's in accounting in the faculty of business at the Université de Moncton. He is a virtual recruiter for Sykes Canada and is the Executive Director of Student Leadership Movement of Greater Moncton, a not-for-profit association of which he a founding member.

Developing youth and immigration services in the province are both close to his heart, and his commitment has led him to serve on the Board of Directors of Conseil économique du Nouveau-Brunswick as Youth delegate, the New Brunswick Multicultural Council as First Vice-President, and the CAFI, a centre which offers settlement and support services for francophone immigrants in southeastern New Brunswick, as President of the Board of Directors.

While he was studying at university, he also held several different positions and managed to balance life-work-education. He was Executive Vice-President of the student financial management centre, an association which works towards educating and assisting Université de Moncton students to manage their finances, as well as the President of Club AcadiUM of Toastmasters International at the university, where he helped the club become a Select Distinguished Club, one of the highest distinctions a club can achieve in Toastmasters. Moncef was also Area Governor of Area E02 of Toastmasters International; during his tenure, for the first time in the history of the organization, a French-language public speaking contest was organized for francophone Toastmasters clubs throughout New Brunswick.

He was awarded an RBC Scholarship Award, which recognizes community engagement as well as academic excellence and was based in large part on his extracurricular activities. The scholarship brought with it opportunities to address several local groups as a keynote speaker or guest lecturer; he spoke during National Public Service Week, at the CAFI, at the Government of Canada Pension Centre (Canada's Workforce of the Future), to Enterprise Greater Moncton as part of Business Immigrant Mentorship Program, at the Greater Moncton Immigration Summit, on many other occasions.

When he is not working, studying or attending meetings, Moncef enjoys reading, swimming, and spending time outdoors.


Jake Powning


Jake Powning has been working as a contemporary artist for twenty years, creating artifacts inspired by history and mythology. He is internationally recognized for his art and has demonstrated and taught workshops in Britain, the United States, and Canada. His work has been sold to collectors or exhibited in Denmark, Britain, France, Germany, Cyprus, Eastern Europe, China, and across the United States and Canada. His work combines photography, drawing, writing, and the craft and study of Iron Age swordsmithing, wood carving, and metalwork, with a fascination in mythology and its connection to the subconscious.

He lives with his wife and two daughters in the tiny village where he grew up in Southern New Brunswick.



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