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HOMEbody Preview


beautifully conceived and eloquently brought to fruition…HOMEbody should travel the country to big cities and small, because it’s Canadian to its roots.” -Paula Citron, Globe and Mail




With roots in rural Saskatchewan, Shannon Litzenberger is a Toronto-based dancer, choreographer, writer, director and arts advocate.



“HOMEbody is an exploration of identity, belonging and place through the lens of my own experience growing up on a Saskatchewan farm and later moving to the largest city in the country – Toronto. While my family’s farm is nearing its centennial anniversary, the property to the north and south of our home quarter has long been vacated, the houses left abandoned – decaying monuments of their pioneering roots. These homes represent not only an abandonment of place, but also characterize the mass exodus of my generation from rural life. HOMEbody is both an intimate portrait of my childhood prairie home and a tribute to the importance of where we come from."


Concept, Choreography and Performance: Shannon Litzenberger


Director and Artistic Advisor: Marie-Josée Chartier
Lighting Designer: Kimberly Purtell
Set and Costume Designer: Lindsay Anne Black
Sound Designer: Miquelon Rodriguez
Writer: Lindsay Zier-Vogel
Video Images and Editing: Jef Mallory / Mike Rollo
Production and Stage Manager: Marianna Rosato
Production Assistant: Jordana Deveau
Video Consulting: Mikael Kangas


ABOUT Shannon Litzenberger


Shannon Litzenberger is Toronto-based contemporary dancer, choreographer, producer, arts advocate and cultural policy buff. Through the creative umbrella of her company Shannon Litzenberger Contemporary Dance, she creates innovative multi-disciplinary productions that explore timely social issues using contemporary dance in concert with other mediums like storytelling, film, visual art and poetry. An imaginative creator, she often develops unique collaborations across art forms and communities, connecting people with artistic experiences through engagement in creative process.

As an advocate, researcher, strategist and policy thinker, Shannon also works with many cultural organizations including Business for the Arts, the Canadian Arts Summit, ArtsVote Toronto, the Laidlaw Foundation, Dance Umbrella of Ontario, the Canadian Arts Coalition, and the Metcalf Foundation, among others. A thought leader in her field, she has published over 100 articles on arts policy through contributions to local, national and international publications. Shannon was the 2012 recipient of the Jack McAllister Award for accomplishment in dance.


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